Contact Lenses

Summit Optical has partnered with Alcon, CooperVision and OOGP to give you access to some of the most advanced contact lens technology and one of the nations largest distributors of contact lenses and premium ophthalmic services. 

You will receive exclusive savings and rebates through OOGP with companies like Alcon and CooperVision.

Contact Lens Prices

Coopervision and Alcon products earn cash rebates which may lower your overall new price by as much as 8% over the contracted price. Increase your rebate even farther by using OOGP.

Remember free shipping available for all Summit members through OOGP. See flyers and vendor details below for details. J&J pricing is available for OSG / Summit members when purchasing direct.

(OOGP charges a 1.2% surcharge for Coopervision orders and a 1.75% surcharge for Alcon orders. There is no surcharge if you wish to purchase directly with the contact lens vendor.)


Contact Lens Vendor Program

We currently have exclusive savings programs, free shipping options and rebate growth incentives with Alcon and CooperVision.  Both companies offer our partners the ability and resources to get involved with social media.  

You may qualify for “FREE” social media marketing services. 

Call your representative for details.

You will also receive additional rebates when you use

OOGP for your contact lens needs. 

All special contact lens prices are honored by OOGP.



Click below to view the Alcon MagnifEye Flyer for details and Terms and Conditions.

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More CooperVision Product Information and Specifications 

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Click below to view the CooperVision Eyecare Practice Survival Guides.

Contact Lens Guides